Meter Reading Date:  Meter readings are collected electronically on the first day of the month.  Bills are sent out on the 28th of each month or the last business day prior to the 28th.

Bill Due Date: The bill due date is the due date. Billed amount due must be received in the office, no later than 20 days from the billing date.  If your payment isn't received by the due date a charge of 1 ½% continued interest for each month's bill will be made for the privilege of late payments.

It is the member's own responsibility to get the payment to the office on time.  Members, whose bills are unpaid on the 21st day after billing date for service rendered the previous month, will be sent a past-due reminder notice on that date.

Disconnect Notice:  If the amount now due is not received in the office of the Cooperative at the close of business on the 22nd, the meter will be read and a $20.00 plus tax meter reading/consultation fee will be charged. At this time, a disconnect notice will be left at your residence allowing you 5 days to pay.