Member Tree Trimming Requests and Safety Tips

  • Please contact OMEC before trimming or removing any vegetation that could potentially hit a power line if done improperly.
  • If a tree is not hazardous to the power lines and can be removed by a certified tree care company, then it is the homeowner's responsibility to hire a professional.
  • For help determining if a tree is your Cooperative's or the homeowner's responsibility, please call (315) 893-1851
  • Please remember to avoid all overhead electrical lines!
  • Children & adults should not climb or work in trees close to power lines.
  • Treat all wires as dangerous to the touch
  • Do not approach any wire you see or find on the ground! Instead call OMEC or 911.

Storm or Emergency Cleanup

Our crews do the best they can to clean up any wood debris from downed trees, branches, and poles. However in the case of major power outages, it is our number one priority to get power restored before clean up takes place.

General Maintenance

At different times, for different reasons, OMEC staff may have to access meters, pad-mounted transformers and/or different poles and power lines on your property. We kindly ask that as homeowners, you do your best to keep accessibility at a maximum. We also ask that you do not paint, modify, decorate or tamper with any equipment for your safety and ours.